Video stories shot and edited by 2015 Innovation J-Campers

Stamps Baxter Music Camp
Produced by Zach Adams, Haley Perkins and Sidney Starling


MTSU Stem Camp

Produced by Dev Bhavsar, Lanier Youngman and Max Chen



Martin Fisher at the Center for Popular Music

Produced by Hannah Tenpenny, Harper Kates and KiAndre Kolb


MTSU Sports Camp

Produced by Matthew Barre, Eric Goodwin and Amari Henderson

MTSU Sports Camp and Dodgeball

Produced by Luke Saulters, Caryn Tramel and Cass Keener



Sports Camp

Produced by Maggie Kimbro, Sophia Chen and Allison Dial



Playing Sports, Making Friends

Produced by Savannah O’Kelley, Ramsey Holl and Michael Vogt